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Building and Trusting Your Intuition

Updated: Apr 17

What is intuition?

Have you ever heard that little voice in the back of your mind? Or what about that gut feeling of either butterflies or that sick to your stomach feeling? That sense that you are experiencing is your intuition.

Intuition is having knowledge of something or someone without without previous reasoning or explanation. The subconscious mind rapidly goes to work by processing previous knowledge or experiences to generate an immediate reaction, thought, or idea.

How is my intuition useful to me?

Intuition offers a reduction in overall cognitive load and the ability to respond instantly while providing confidence in our knowledge and decision making – even though it may defy analysis (Hogarth, 2010). It is a knowing that develops in our subconscious mind. It acts as a form of guidance and protection as we navigate through our lives. With the help of our senses and all previously known and forgotten experiences; our intuition serves as a tool to help us navigate through life's lessons.

For example, have you ever experienced driving and suddenly you have a feeling to make a right turn and later find out there was a traffic jam if you would have continued on your routine drive? Without strengthening our relationship with our intuition; we tend to have the same experiences over and over and over. Each relationship start to look the same, each job starts to feel the same or similar conflicts arise. It is as if we are in a continuous cycle.

How do I strengthen my intuition?

Building a stronger connection with your intuition is like getting to know your inner wisdom. The more that you allow, the more comfortable you will grow with how your intuition feel. Actively listening and taking heed to the gut feeling that you get or listening and taking heed to the whispers that you hear will build your confidence in forming a better connection with your inner wisdom. Practices such as meditation, prayer, solitude, journaling, clean eating, and exercise all aids in strengthening the relationship between you and your intuition.

How can I help?

One to one meetings allows us to dive deeper with your experiences. We are able to overcome blockages that clogs the pathway to connect with the intuition and discover which channel best suits your ability to connect within.

Experience a 3 series, personalized one to one intuitive consulting designed to facilitate innate growth. You will build a deeper connection with your intuition to improve your overall health, wellness, and lifestyle.

At times, due to life’s challenges, we may take a few detours and may venture off our path; it is my duty to help connect the dots again. You are the expert of your own life. You have the ability, skills, and desires within you to step into alignment with your higher purpose.

You will be able to connect deeper with your inner wisdom for the answers that you are seeking. You will be able to gain clarity on situations that may be hindering you from reaching your fullest potential. You will also be able to release any blockages that are preventing your growth both mentally and physically through meditation and bodywork.

The healing sessions integrates Physical Health, Mental Health, and Spiritual Health. These 3 big concepts are essential for expansion and living a healthy, balanced life.

Benefits of mind-body coaching includes strengthening of the immune system, mental stimulation encouraging hormonal production, balanced hormonal functioning, orthopedic pain management, and stress and anxiety relief. Mind-body coaching also encourage mental and physical relaxation which ultimately results in mental clarity.

Contact me today to schedule your consultation and personalized coaching plan or reach out with any questions that you may have.

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