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  • Hydrate. Water is essential for your health, especially for your lymphatic system. Cupping supports your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system clears away cellular waste from your body and it needs plenty of water to do this effectively.

  • Eat an hour or so before your appointment. 

  • Don’t shave the area within four hours of your appointment. Your therapist really doesn’t mind stubble and your skin will thank you.

  • Recover from sunburn. When you receive cupping, it will feel like that area is warmer than normal. Neither the cup nor the extra heat will feel good on sunburned skin. Apply some soothing aloe and wait until your skin has recovered before your next cupping appointment. 

  • Don’t exfoliate aggressively. Exfoliating removes a layer of dead skin, which makes your skin extra sensitive. Wait a couple days after aggressive exfoliation treatment before receiving cupping.

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