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Bri Garner,  ATC, MAT, LAT

Mindfulness and Intuitive Coach

Bri Garner is a Certified Exercise Recovery Specialist, Certified Athletic Trainer, Meditation and Mindfulness Coach, and most importantly, a Lightworker.


With a Bachelors in Athletic Training, Sports Medicine and Masters in Kinesiology; she was able to develop a comprehensive approach to health and wellness by targeting three major pillars; the mind, the body, and the spirit. Her clinical experience, therapeutic treatment expertise, life experiences, and intuitive gifts , and support of her clients has allowed her to create a more well rounded approach to optimize each client's health and wellness.

After years of gaining experience and knowledge surrounding her skills, she ventured off independently to open her own practice, Breeze Alignment Therapy. Breeze Alignment Therapy is a holistic, alternative practice that helps to align the mind, body, and spirit through therapeutic interventions such as bodywork via cupping, stretching, IASTM, injury prevention care; meditation, transformational coaching, mobility coaching, and intuitive healing.

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